Our 10th Birthday Stories
Julie Proctor

As we approach our 10th Birthday, we want to celebrate by sharing a collection of extraordinary stories that showcase the profound impact our brand has had on our Ambassadors, Team, and cherished Customers.

Meet Julie...

At the vibrant age of 60, Julie is a dynamic force both within Look Fabulous Forever and in her personal pursuits. With an admirationalzest for life, she has embarked on an inspiring mission to explore 60 new experiences which started on her 60th Birthday! When she's not contributing her expertise to our brand, Julie is a talented artist who immerses herself in the world of painting, giving life to her creative visions. Beyond her canvas, Julie finds immense joy in spending cherished moments with her adored grandchildren, making memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Julie's Journey with Look Fabulous Forever...

Her journey with Look Fabulous Forever has been a remarkable fusion of passion and dedication. With over 6 years of committed service, Julie has seamlessly blended her role into a labour of love that extends far beyond its official boundaries. While her primary responsibility involves providing exceptional customer service, Julie's role has transcended to offering personalized makeup advice and online consultations, even dedicating her free time to grant makeovers to delighted customers using our products.


Julie's invaluable contribution extends to product innovation and knowledge sharing, where her insights have shaped new shades and ideas while inspiring her colleagues and customers alike. Her enthusiasm for our brand's mission and products is palpable, and it radiates through every interaction she has, reflecting a genuine dedication to enhancing the lives of those who embrace the Look Fabulous Forever ethos.

One can truly understand Julie's passion by recogniing that she embodies the essence of our brand philosophy. She embraces the benefits of ageing every day, channelling that embrace into the makeup ritual that sets the tone for her day. As she aptly puts it, her role offers the privilege of connecting with hundreds of like-minded individuals who share the joy of graceful ageing and enhancing their beauty with confidence. A pivotal moment etched in Julie's journey was a proud night at an awards dinner, where Look Fabulous Forever's commitment to exceptional customer service was celebrated with an industry accolade. It was a moment that mirrored Julie's dedication and reinforced her pride in being part of a team that goes above and beyond for its customers.

Julie's journey at Look Fabulous Forever embodies the spirit of our brand—where passion, expertise, and a genuine commitment to empowering beauty at any age come together. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's unique beauty, and how being a part of a community that shares these values enriches not just her life, but the lives of everyone she touches.


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