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 May Update


Congratulations to our top seller

May 2019 - Rachel Coleridge-Smith

Rachel placed 11 orders which was just over £526 of sales. Commendations must also go to Jan Harman for just over £400 of sales and Olwen Shaw with just over £385 of sales.  All received a brush set in a brush roll.


  Top Seller Reward

Rachel chose the skincare system for her £100 reward.



Rachel's Story



A few years ago my Mum, Beverley, Mother-in-Law, Helen, and I went to a MAC make up class full of heavy eye makeup and the skillful art of contouring. Being in my late 20s, I loved it whilst my Mum and Mother-in-Law, both in their 50s walked away feeling as though they’d learned nothing because the makeup was too heavy and didn’t suit them at all. And whilst I can apply makeup to their faces using those products and techniques, they both feel it’s too heavy and wanted to learn how to apply it themselves on a day-to-day basis.

Earlier this year my Mum discovered LFF  through Facebook and suggested that I became a Partner, as I was looking for a part time job. Having undertaken the training with the incredible Caroline and Sally, I felt raring to go, excited to help people feel more confident in their abilities and the way they look and have had such incredible feedback from so many clients so far.








My favourite part of LFF parties is seeing people entering quietly, shy and sometimes cynical, and leaving looking, and most importantly, feeling beautiful. It’s great to see the reaction on their face when somebody has highlighted an issue they feel they have, such as fading eyebrows or rosacea, and I can highlight and apply the appropriate LFF products to overcome those problems. The level to which the products can solve problems is usually what makes the sale of the products.








When using the coloured fabrics to determine whether someone is more cool or warm, I find asking their friends around the table to help gets people involved and also helps me if I’m unsure!  Also, as Sally suggested, I like to help each person at a party with one element of the make up, e.g. their foundation or concealer. Also, when it’s their eyes or blusher, for example, I like to make up one eye or cheek and then ask them to copy it, it’s like a template they can work off and they feel they’ve had some personal attention.


We welcome Pauline, Jilly and Helen,  pictured with Margot and Sally.





As promised in our last newsletter, for those of you offering paid for makeovers/tutorials, we are pleased to have developed a 50% discount code for your customers post makeover product purchases to help promote makeovers during the summer so please email  caroline@lffhome.com  for the code details!


Do remember if you are offering paid for makeovers/tutorials that you will need a beauty therapist insurance, such as that offered by Towergate Insurance - see here.





Makeup for Glasses Wearers


  • Use a Magnifying Mirror to help see properly.  Or use “Makeup Glasses” allowing you to fold the lenses away individually so one eye can see very well as you apply makeup to the other eye.
  • No  Shimmer Eye Shades  work well under glasses.
  • Short sighted ladies – lenses makes eyes look smaller, so avoid really dark eye shadow colours or heavy eyeliner all the way across.
  • Long sighted ladies – lenses makes eyes look larger, so avoid really light or shimmery eyeshadows.  Darker browns, greys or greens work well. Don’t put too much mascara on the tops and very little or none on the bottom.
  • If there is a red area over bridge of nose where glasses are sitting very tightly, use the  Colour Balance Neutraliser  in green then some  Continuous Cover Foundation and  Cover to Cover Conceal.
  • If the frames of glasses cast a shadow across the face you can use a very slightly lighter foundation colour or concealer in these areas.  Smooth Out Eye Prime  helps to lighten and even lid colour and our  Cover to Cover Conceal  under eyes can lessen this shadow.
  • If glasses are tinted, avoid a very brown eye makeup look as the makeup will not show. Use a slightly bolder eye makeup look to ensure it shows enough under the tint.
  • Be aware of bright frame colours e.g. avoid pink lipstick with warm red frames unless you want to make a bold “clashing” statement.
  • Use  Eyelash Curlers  and lashings of  Lithe Lash Mascara  to make eyes appear larger, especially short sighted ladies.
  • Always shape and shade eyebrows using  Bring Back Brow Shapeor  Taupe  No Shimmer Eye Shade as brows frame the eyes. 
  • If glasses are large, apply  Real Radiance Blush  with the glasses on to get blusher in the correct place.
  • Use a darkerNo Shimmer Eye Shadeto define the eyes using the  Wedge Brush 8.If short sighted, only bring the eyeliner half or a third of the way in from the outer edge.
  • Define lips well to give balance to eye area, outlining with  Never Feather Lip Prime  and then when dry apply  Lustrous Colour Lipstick, to give balance to eye area. If your frame is really bold in design or colour, slightly more subtle lipstick colours or gloss can look good.  Conversely if the glasses are very understated in design, choose a bolder lipstick colour.


We are putting together plans for a little soiree very early in September as Tricia is away next week until end of August and we expect many of you have holiday plans for July and August too! Caroline will send a date through shortly and we hope you’ll be able to join us for a drink and catch up on the rooftop bar at 601 Queens Road(next to the office in Wimbledon).



As there has been some feedback received from Friends about emails and offer codes we thought it worth a quick overview on digital marketing, how it works, and the rationale behind it.

Sending out emails with offers is a vital part of every online business, both in growing the database to increase awareness and to encourage purchases, and offer codes generally do drive sales. 

With today’s clever technology we are able to segment our database and view the information by different customer and prospect groups -  this is known as ‘the customer lifecycle’ - we use tools (algorithms) to make predictions. This means we can send different messages and different offers to different groups to promote a variety of outcomes. Generally the segmentation we use is:

  • Subscriber- on the database but not yet bought
  • Ghost- began the payment process but not completed it or bought something and cancelled their full order afterwards
  • Trial- customers have bought once and are regarded as ‘active’, because their purchase occurred recently
  • Repeat- customers have bought two or more times and are regarded as ‘active’, because their latest purchase was made recently
  • At Risk - they used to be Repeat or Trial customers, but they haven’t bought when we expected them to. They have therefore become 'at risk' of becoming dormant. Our algorithm predicts when each individual customer is likely to buy based on their individual purchase habits, so some customers will be 'at risk' sooner than others
  • Dormant- are customers who are past the stage at which we predict they should have bought and have effectively become inactive. Prior to becoming dormant they were: At Risk customers. 

So you can see from the customer lifecycle that not everyone on our database will receive all offer emails.

The reason we regularly share details of offer codes with you is  NOT  because we want you to offer them to your customers but so you can honour them should a customer come to you with a code - we try our very best to keep the online business in step with our offline business and our Friends are a much respected channel for spreading the word to those not happy purchasing online or who are technology virgins!


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