The Best Blusher for Mature Skin

When it comes to blusher, mature skin requires the best of both worlds. On an older face a pure cream formula can easily fade, but powder may sit in fine lines and wrinkles.

Enter the cream-to-powder formula of Real Radiance Blush to solve it all...

Why Choose a Cream to Powder Blush?

Why Choose a Cream to Powder Blush?

Cream to powder formulas are perfect for older skin because:

> You can use your fingertips to apply them, and easily build up to your desired pigmentation

> Very powdery formulas can migrate straight into fine lines on the face. Cream to powder formulas glide over lines and buff into the skin's natural texture

> Pure cream formulas often won't stay put. The way that Real Radiance Blush forms into a light powder consistency after application allows it to blend beautifully with other powder products on the face, and won't rub off or smear

The Benefits of Our Real Radiance Blush:

Our Real Radiance Blush is formulated specifically for older women. It:

> Gives life to the face with soft colour and a healthy glow

> Creates definition by adding structure and depth to the cheeks

> Comes in a variety of cool and warm tones, in smaller and larger sizes

How To Use Our Real Radiance Blush:

How To Use Our Real Radiance Blush:

> Swirl your fingertip in the blush compact 

> Gently dab the blush on apples of your cheeks, bringing it slightly up and out towards your temples

>Take a Blusher Brush and use light sweeping motions to blend into your skin for an airbrushed finish

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