My Top 5 Tips For Luscious Lips

If you asked me what is the most important makeup item for an older woman, it would always be lipstick. 

Why lippie? Because it does many wonderful things for an older face. 

Firstly, it adds much-needed colour to the lips which are often very pale. 

Secondly, lipstick gives definition back to the mouth and makes it look fuller and prettier. 

Read our Lip Makeup Tutorial for Older Women below...

Step 1- 

Exfoliate Your Lips

Prepare lips by using a very gentle exfoliator to get rid of any dry skin. Lipstick can't be applied smoothly to dry cracked lips.

Step 2- 

Use a Lip Prime

Older mouths often look 'fuzzy' when they are wearing lipstick because the lipstick migrates over the edge. A lip primer prevents feathering and bleeding of the colour into the lines around your mouth. Use Never Feather Lip Prime to keep lipstick on place all day long. 

Step 3- 

Define Your Lips

Accentuate your lips and add definition with our Lip Liner. Start at the very edge of the lips and apply really carefully around the shape of your lips to create a sharp line

Step 4- 

Add Long Lasting Colour

Take a little of our Long Lasting Lipstick onto your Lip Brush and line the edges of your lips. you can then fill the rest of your lips with lasting colour, applying straight from the bullet. Blot, and then apply a second coat. Our Long Lasting Lipstick is smudge and transfer-proof, and should only require one touch-up after lunch!

Step 5- 

Add Shine For Glamour

Dab on some lip shine to the top of your lipstick to add shine. This will make your lips look fuller and will make the colour look richer. Use Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine.



Your lips will feel hydrated and nourished. Our creamy, long-lasting formula adds glorious colour, which instantly lights up your face. As we get older, the colour in our face fades - with these 5 steps your lips will appear healthier and more vibrant.

Get The Look...

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