How to stop lipstick feathering and bleeding

Isn’t it annoying when your freshly applied lipstick begins to run into the fine lines around your lips? This creates an unattractively fuzzy edge and draws attention to those lines.

Watch my crisp and fresh lip makeup tutorial for older women below...

Step 1

Apply lip prime to the edges of your lips to seal them and allow to dry, This creates the barrier needed to prevent feathering and bleeding. Note this is not a lip balm.

Step 2

Using a lipstick brush, apply your chosen lipstick colour to your lips starting with the edges and then filling in the whole lips. Blot and reapply to create a lasting colour.

Step 3

For a dash of extra glamour, apply lip gloss on top.

This can really help to make your lips look more full and luscious.

The essential products for luscious lips...

"I HAVE to say, this lip prime is superb, although I've never smoked, I laugh all the time & until nothing has stopped my lipstick bleeding into the lines. First try & WOW, great looking lips. Thank you for a great product."

- Melanie

"This lip primer is beyond amazing! It works exactly as it says it does; locks your lipstick in place. It helps keep your lips looking exact and crisped edged; like it does in your youth."

- Nancy

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Without Lip Prime...

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