Eye Makeup for Different Eye Shapes

As we age our eyes may change in all sorts of (annoying) ways! First the brows start to disappear or become wiry and unruly. Secondly the skin on the lids becomes looser, more dry and crepey looking. Lashes may become more sparse and overall the eye shape itself might change. The wonderful thing about eye makeup is that you can use it in clever and inventive ways to reshape and improve the look of your eyes... 

Here are six common eye shapes and the ways to use LFF makeup to enhance the shape and definition of each one. Remember the rule of thumb that lighter shades make the area more prominent and darker shades make the area less noticeable

This is the easiest of all eyes shapes: just keep the integrity of the three areas: the lids, the socket line and the brow bone. Start with a pale coloured shadow all over the lid. Using a mid tone shadow define the socket line and take it to the outer edges of the eyelid to create a triangle of colour which enhances the almond shape. Add a thin line of dark shadow at the lash line using a wedge brush and finally add mascara to curled eyelashes

With this shape we see a ‘heaviness’ at the lid and the eyes appear small in comparison. Rebalance with shadows by applying a mid tone colour to the lids to reduce their prominence. Then, into the upper lid area and brow bone apply a lighter tone shadow and blend well. Now use a mid tone colour along the lash line and then complete with mascara applied to curled eyelashes

This is where the skin on the eyelid has loosened and now entirely covers the socket line. The whole point of eye shadows for hooded eyes is to restore the illusion of a socket line. Add a pale shadow to the lids and highlighter to the brow bone. Now take a darker shadow and using a brush create an ‘arc’ of colour where the socket line would be, directly onto the 'hood'. Add extra definition at the top and bottom lash line with a small amount of the darkest shadow if you decide that it won’t ‘close’ down the eye too much

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The importance of well shaped and defined brows cannot be overstated. I often advise to pluck out overlong and very wiry brow hair and then use Bring Back Brow Shape to create beautiful, natural looking brows. To apply the Brow Shape groom the brows with the spoolie brush and use feathery strokes to lightly build to your desired level of colour and definition. You can brush them through again with the spoolie brush to soften them

This is where the eyes appear closer together because there is a ‘heaviness’ at the brow bone where the skin appears to have dropped down. Add Lid Colour to the inner third of the eyelid to make this area ‘pop’ and then use darker eye shadows on the outer edge to minimise

The eyes have a ‘sunken’ look as there is a deep and dark socket line. So the key requirement is to balance out the socket line. Apply a mid tone colour just to the lid area, ensuring that you don’t push the colour into the socket line. Now use a lighter tone shadow into the deep socket line and up towards the brows. Use a denser line of the mid-tone eye shadow at the top and bottom lash line