How To Instantly Lift Your Face With Makeup

Do you want an instant lift in a few easy steps?

In this video, Sally demonstrates how to add luminosity and shape to any makeup look using 3 additional products specifically designed for older women...

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1. Sheer Brilliance Lid Colour

Lid Colour gives your eye makeup an instant lift with a pop of colour

Add on top of your matte eyeshadow base

Apply to the centre of your eyelid with the applicator then blend

(Sally uses our Golden Mist Lid Colour)

2. Instant Bright Highlight

Highlighter accentuates your features and adds luminosity 

Click the pen to get the product to the top 

Apply under the highest part of your brow, on your cheekbones and down the centre of your nose

Don't forget to blend!

3. Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine

Lip Shine helps mature lips to appear full and plump

Either apply just to the centre of your lips over a lipstick 

Or you can apply it all over your lips

(Sally wears our Cinnamon Kiss Lip Shine)

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