Feel, Share and Show the Love

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love Look Fabulous Forever? You’d think that such a nebulous quality as devotion to a particular brand would be impossible to measure, but we have just had the results from our research into something called the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and ours is a quite phenomenal 70.

Compared to other businesses, this places us in the top echelon and means that a majority of our customers love us, are loyal to us and are very enthusiastic about promoting what we do to their friends. All of which has given us a real boost at the start of a year which feels challenging on a number of levels, most of which are outside our control.

Our NPS has also given us the confidence to launch a new campaign which will run throughout 2023. We are calling it ‘Feel the Love, Share the Love, Show the Love’ and I am very excited to be launching it today.

Feel the Love

From the very start of Look Fabulous Forever I was on a mission to help older women like me to feel positive about their ageing selves and to look in the mirror and see a face enhanced and enlivened by some beautiful makeup which really suited their softer looks. I wanted to create a range of high quality products which looked attractive and felt special to apply. I wanted LFF to arrive through your letterbox as though it was a gift you had purchased for yourself. I was also keen to offer you kind and caring customer service which would immediately refund you if you wanted to return something that didn’t suit you perfectly. And from the start I included video tutorials to encourage you to try new things and become confident with application.

Since then the business may have grown, but the mission hasn’t changed. Everything we do at LFF is focussed on ensuring that you, our customers, Feel the Love. Every week we think of ways to delight you, whether that’s with an offer to save you money or an inspiring new video. On the first Monday of every month Sally and I do live sessions called ‘Makeup Magic Monday’ where many join us to learn about new techniques, new products or to have your questions answered. During the pandemic we started Tricia’s Super Troopers as a private Facebook group which has created an uplifting and joyous community of truly inspirational older women. And, slightly more esoteric, I have created a film club which is a highlight for me every other week as I join, via Zoom, a small group of articulate, interesting and intelligent peers. And in 2023 we intend to think of many more ways for you to Feel the Love. Watch this space!


Share the Love

You are undoubtedly the very best source for us to find more like-minded women in order to grow as a business. Our NPS tells us that many of you are already brilliant advocates for our makeup, skincare and haircare. So, during 2023, I would like to encourage you to Share the Love in two very specific ways:

1 - Spread the word about us. Imagine all our customers and then think of how many like-minded women they must communicate with over the course of the year. If each of you successfully recommended us to just one other person, we’d double the size of our business! So please help us by telling your friends, family members or those that you sing with in your Rock Choir when you have had a good experience!

Why this? Because people trust and respect what you say about a company they have never heard of, which we are until you tell them all about us. And if there’s something we could do better, then please tell us first rather than others, so that we can put it right.

2 - Take and send us photographs. I love your selfies! Since we started seeing you wearing your favourite LFF products and different shades of those products in photographs, I feel as though many of you have become familiar and much loved friends. So, again throughout the year, would you kindly send us* images of yourself wearing our products and telling us why you love that item and the shade you have chosen to use.

Why this? These photos are invaluable for us to show on our website and in advertising because they help potential customers to understand what to expect from specific LFF products and from various different shades.

And finally…. #ShowTheLove

You may be surprised to learn that my next three requests could literally transform how well Look Fabulous Forever does in 2023. And all you have to do is to remember that these simple individual actions, done consistently and regularly, will have a truly massive multiplier impact on our business.

3 - Watch Our Videos either on You Tube, Facebook or on our website. Having watched them, preferably all the way through, we’d then kindly ask you to like, share and/or say something positive about the video, the products shown or Look Fabulous Forever in a comment underneath. We’d also love you to subscribe (free) to our YouTube channel.

Why this? All your individual likes, shares and comments tell Google, Facebook and YouTube that we produce good quality video content which is valued by those people watching it. This means that our videos get shown to more people which makes it so much easier for us to promote our products to new viewers and thereby grow our customer base.

4 - React to all our Facebook Posts. If you see an advertisement, a post on our LFF or Super Trooper Facebook page, would you please like them, share them with friends and also add a positive comment underneath.

Why this? Facebook takes notice of the level of activity on everything that is posted. If our posts are attracting loads of likes, shares and comments they are seen by more and more people which really helps us to reach a wider audience. It’s so simple for you to do and yet it really packs a huge punch for us.

5 - Try Something New from LFF. Finally, I would like to encourage you to Show the Love by trying an LFF product, possibly in a different shade or maybe something in a whole new category (like skincare or haircare) which you haven’t tried before.

Why this? Naturally this will have a direct and positive impact on our sales, but you will, as always, have the peace of mind that you can send it back for a full refund if you decide it’s not for you.


Our fantastic Net Promoter Score came at just the right time for us at LFF. December was (putting it mildly) a challenge for new customer engagement and for sales, and three weeks ago I was definitely feeling some trepidation about the coming year. Learning that our customers rate us so highly was just the boost of confidence we needed as a team to come up with some interesting and innovative ways for you to Share and Show the Love that you’ve told us that you feel. I’m so excited about this campaign which we’ll be monitoring as it runs throughout 2023. And if you have any other brilliant ideas of your own about ways we can all Share and Show the Love for LFF then we’d love to hear them! Thank You!

Tricia x

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