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Feel fabulous forever with Tricia’s best practices for a healthy body and mind at 50 and beyond...


Breasts and Their Bras

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Breasts - eh? Love them or hate them, they pose their own unique set of problems. Join me in this blog where I'll be talking all things choosing the right bra, and the real difference it can make...

How To

Look Good on Zoom

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How on earth do you look good on screen? Our founder and Zoom-extraordinaire Tricia reveals her top tips for looking fabulous on film...

The Truth About 

Cosmetic Procedures

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What are the mental and physical health impacts of cosmetic procedures? And why do young people increasingly feel they need them? Tricia considers the damage this industry might be causing in her blog..

No More Diets! How

Tricia Stays Slim and Healthy

Health & Lifestyle

After nearly a lifetime of unhealthy dieting cycles, here’s how Tricia vowed to ditch the fads and eat right with whole foods, home-cooked meals and an active lifestyle...

My 7 Visible Signs of Ageing - 

and Why I Don't Care About Them!

Health & Lifestyle

A love for stretchy waistbands and comfortable shoes? Tricia bares all of her new, not unwelcome ‘I’m getting older’ quirks in her blog...

How To Stay 

Safe When Shopping Online

Health & Lifestyle

The Look Fabulous Forever team have collated our 5 top tips to help our customers protect themselves against online threats and stay secure and safe online....

You're Never to Old

for your First Workout

Health & Lifestyle

Tricia takes you on her excercise journey - 

from workout-skeptic to fitness fan with her longtime personal trainer Lindsay...