Foundation and Beauty Balm
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My experience of serving in our shops in Guildford and Wimbledon has taught me that older women are all looking for the perfect foundation!

Every time a customer drops in to check us out, she tells me that she is interested in buying a foundation (or maybe a lipstick!) This is why I want to help you find your perfect foundation and to apply it so that you get the very best possible finished effect.

Just Answer the Following Questions

What level of coverage do you require?

  1. Light and barely there - no makeup-makeup look.
  2. Enough to unify my variable skin tone.
  3. I need it to cover my age spots, broken veins, acne rosacea and other blemishes.

What finished effect do you want?

  1. Barely there - no-one would know I am wearing foundation.
  2. Light looking but not obvious.

  4. Smooth, polished and flawless.

How competent are you at applying foundation?

  1. Mainly use my fingers and ‘slap it on’.
  2. Sometimes use a brush if I have the time and inclination.
  3. Always use a brush to blend and buff the foundation into my skin.



I’d suggest that you try our Light Look Beauty Balm (LLBB). This is a bit more than a tinted moisturiser but a bit less than a full foundation. It’s formulated to feel creamy and lightweight in texture and to be quick and easy to apply with your fingers if you prefer. It will unify your skin tone but be almost invisible on the skin. If you have white caucasian skin choose LLBB 01, if you have a tan from the summer or light non-caucasian skin then 02 will work well and I have successfully used 03 on skin which is either decidedly tanned or of mixed race. We are currently developing colours to work on darker skin tones.


My suggestion here is that you mix our Light Look Beauty Balm half and half with our Continuous Cover Foundation. This is what I do in the summer and autumn. You may think that this is costly but both products last twice as long so it’s the same difference.

In the winter: Choose Continuous Cover foundation applied very lightly with a brush. Colourwise, If you like LLBB 01 then choose Continuous Cover foundation in 02. LLBB 02 would correlate to either 2.5 0r 3.0 in CC Foundation, and LLBB 03 would be matched by 3.5 in CC Foundation.


I’d suggest you choose our Continuous Cover Foundation (CC) which effortlessly covers most discolorations like thread veins, rosacea and dark under eye circles. Applied carefully with a brush you can achieve a really flawless and smooth effect with this foundation without it looking or feeling heavy and mask-like. I apply this foundation in the winter and early spring and also use our Cover to Cover Conceal  for extra coverage as needed. Our brilliant new Perfect Finish Pressed Translucent Powder finalises this look which is really smooth, polishes and flawless.

If you still can’t decide head over to our choosing colours foundations page where you can see models wearing our different shades.

  1. Continuous Cover Foundation
    Base 02
  2. Cover to Cover Conceal
  3. Light Look Beauty Balm
    Light Look Beauty Balm