Mature Eye Makeup with Eye Primer

By adding one single step to your eye makeup routine, you can achieve a crease-free eye makeup look that lasts all day. Find out how to use our Smooth Out Eye Prime, specially formulated for mature skin, in our video and article below...

Why Choose Smooth Out Eye Prime?

Why Choose Smooth Out Eye Prime?

Smooth Out Eye Prime is the perfect prep product for older eyes...

> It glides over uneven texture and uneven skin tone to create a uniform base on which to apply eyeshadows

> Light, neutral pigment in the Eye Prime helps eyeshadows to appear a vibrant, true colour

> The smooth texture prevents migration and helps your eyeshadow to stay in place all day long

> Coconut oil extract hydrates the skin and reduces appearance of loose skin on the eyelids

How To Use Smooth Out Eye Prime?

> Start with clean eyelids and apply a small dot of Eye Prime to your index fingertip

> Gently dab the primer onto your eyelids and then pat in with fingers 

> Take a Concealer Brush and blend the primer into the harder to reach inner corners of your eyes

> Allow to dry thoroughly before applying eyeshadow

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