The Best Clay Mask for Mature Skin

Our Hydrating Clay Mask is specifically formulated for mature skin. Find out how adding it into your routine twice a week will visibly benefit your skin below...

What Makes It the Best Clay Mask?

Hydration is key for mature skin, because as we age our skin dries out and loses its fullness. Our face mask is designed to cleanse, hydrate and plump the skin in just 10 minutes! 

The Benefits of Our Clay Mask:

> Deeply cleanses by clearing the skin of impurities and free radicals

> Removal of dead skin cells makes skin feel softer to the touch

> Clay formula helps reduce the appearance of fine lines

> Paraben Free

> Silicone Free

> Vegan

Our Key Ingredients:

> Aloe Vera nourishes the skin and aids hydration

> Sweet almond oil softens skin texture and deeply nourishes

> Ceramides restore the skin's barrier to keep moisture locked in

> Kaolin detoxes the skin and reduces any redness and inflammation

How to Use Our Clay Mask

> Our Hydrating Face Mask should be used twice a week in the evenings, after you have cleansed with your daily cleasner, and dried your face
> Use 20g, which is about the size of a grape, of the product with each application
> Squeeze the product from the tube onto the back of your hand
> Then use your fingertips to begin applying the mask all over your face
> Cover your entire face with the mask, avoiding the eye area, lips and hairline
> Leave the product on for up to 10 minutes but don't allow it to dry out
> Remove the face mask using a flannel and fresh, warm water
> Follow with our Deeply Dreamy Night Cream to lock in moisture

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