The Best Bronzer for Mature Skin

Discover the perfect bronzer for mature skin with our Enduring Summer Bronze. Specially formulated for older women, this bronzer delivers a radiant, sun-kissed glow that complements all skin tones...

Why Choose Enduring Summer Bronze?

Why Choose Enduring Summer Bronze?

Enduring Summer Bronze is perfect for older women...

> Enjoy a healthy, sun-kissed glow all year round

>  Adds warmth back to your skin in winter

> Enhances your natural summer tan or creates a bronzed look

> Lightly pigmented, so you can add just a little warmth, or build up as much colour as you need

The Benefits of Our Enduring Summer Bronze:

Our Enduring Summer Bronze is formulated specifically for older women. It:

> Gives life to the face with soft colour and a healthy glow

> Creates definition by adding structure and depth to the cheeks

> Finely milled powder that glides effortlessly over mature skin

> Enhances natural features without settling into fine lines

How To Use Our Enduring Summer Bronze:

How To Use Our Enduring Summer Bronze:

> Swirl your Brush no.1 into your Enduring Summer Bronze and then tap the brush on the side of the palette to remove any excess

> Lightly apply the bronzer to the very top of your forehead, below your cheekbones and under your chin in a '3' formation

> Build up until you get your desired colour and result

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