My Lashes Are Sparse

Eyelashes do tend to become wispier and sparse with age.

Fay found that when using volumising mascaras, she ended up with ‘spiders’ rather than defined lashes.

The solution? A filament-free mascara like Lithe Lash Mascara.

To address Fay's dilemma our makeup artist did the following...


1. Used Eyelash Curlers to prepare the eye lashes

2. Applied several coats of Lithe Lash Mascara

3. For extra definition, brushed a darker shade of No Shimmer Eye Shade onto the lashline.

See lash makeup tutorial for older women here.

Customer Testimonial

'I’ve tried them all - high street to top-end. This gives soft depth and definition without the dreaded spiders legs! I cannot bear seeing a mature woman with too much mascara - very ageing. Excellent product and good price - well done LFF.'

- Poolydoodle