My Eyebrows Are Faded

As with all hair, eyebrows lose their pigmentation and fade over time.

Lesley's eyebrows had lost their colour and were starting to look a little sparse.

The solution? Bring Back Brow Shape.

To address Lesley's dilemma, our makeup artist did the following...


1. Brushed the eyebrows with Eyebrow Brush 6

2. Using feathery strokes painted on Bring Back Brow Shape to define and create eyebrow hairs where they no longer appeared.

3. Brushed the eyebrows with Eyebrow Brush 6 to blend.

See our brow makeup tutorial for older women here.

Customer Testimonial

‘My eyebrows are sparse (to say the least) so I thought I would try LFF Brow Shape. I have been ‘practicing’ and now agree that it is fabulous… gives me definition but is discreet. I use the LFF eyebrow brush after applying the Brow Shape and this helps to soften the effect. I love it!’

- Mary