How to Restore Shape and Definition to your Eyebrows

Eye brows frame not just your eyes, but give your whole face balance and proportion. 

As we get older, our brows can become sparse, faded or even non-existent. Using my simple step by step guide, put some colour and shape back into your eyebrows whilst avoiding a heavy, overdone look (no Scouse brows here!). 

Step 1


Brush your eyebrows using spoolie brush 6 and using a magnifying mirror, make sure you pluck out any unruly hairs.  Mine seem to grow in all sorts of weird directions!

Step 2


Shake the Brow Shape product, and wipe any excess off from the brush on the back of your hand. Then apply the product using light feathery strokes following the shape of your brows.

Step 3


Take the spoolie brush again and brush the product through your brows to ensure that it’s evenly distributed.

The Look Fabulous Forever essentials for great looking brows...

"I’ve got my eyebrows back!"

My eyebrows were almost totally lost in an accident, when they grew back they were so pale I couldn’t see them. Now I have got my eyebrows back! In fact they look far better than before thanks to your fantastic Bring Back Brow shape set. I am so pleased with LFF that I have swapped everything in my makeup bag. Confidence restored - Thank you Trisha!

- Carole

"Amazing product!"

Found by chance after searching online for a product that will actually do what it claims to do.

After spending a fortune on pencils & powders I’ve finally found a product that does the job & I am delighted with the results & gives me the natural light look I want.

Looking forward to trying some more of your products.

- Shirley

"Fabulous Brows"

I really came to the site  to buy the excellent face primer but also had a browse. My eyebrows are beginning to thin and this looked worth a try especially after also watching Tricia's video on how to apply. It really is very easy, I had no difficulty from day one (I found it helps to be accurate on the thinnest part of the brow if I really frown!!) Would recommend.

- Anonymous