How to Avoid Running Mascara

Do you find that your mascara often flakes or runs, resulting in a ‘panda-eye’ look? Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your mascara in place all day…

1. Combat Oily Skin

Oil from the skin around your eyes can penetrate your mascara and cause it to melt, so you should always start your makeup routine with clean and dry skin

If you have naturally oily skin, ensure that the skincare you use is formulated to neutralise excess oil 

Face moisturisers typically contain naturally derived, hydrating oils. This can cause problems if it is applied too soon before beginning your eye makeup

The first thing you might consider is applying your daily moisturiser long before you begin your makeup application. Apply your skincare first thing in the morning, then if you can, leave at least 30 minutes between your skincare and makeup

2. Double Prime

Primers are your best friend in helping your makeup stay put, and your mascara is no exception

A good eye primer is very effective in controlling the excess oil on your eyelids and locking any makeup on or near them into place

Eye Primer neutralises the skin on your eyelids and creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup, further preventing any natural oils from descending onto your lashes throughout the day

Doubling up on your primers will provide extra protection against running mascara. In addition to targeting your eyelids, you should apply your face primer right up to the under eye area. This will help to keep any makeup on your bottom lashes in place by creating a matte canvas for your makeup to adhere to

3. Powder Your Under Eyes

 A finely-milled translucent powder finishes off what your primers started. It acts as a seal on top of any liquid makeup products and prevents them from budging.

Your foundation and under eye concealer contain nourishing oils to keep your complexion looking plump and hydrated, but these products don't mix well with mascara and can break down its structure

Setting the makeup under your eyes with translucent powder will stop it from penetrating your mascara and causing your eyes to run. Apply a light dusting of Translucent Powder with a large fluffy brush after your base makeup

If you find that your mascara flakes onto your under eye area, applying translucent powder there will also 'catch' the mascara and help you to gently brush those flakes away without them smudging

4. Choose a Waterproof Formula


In addition to oils, water from your eyes can cause your mascara to smudge or run, particularly in cold weather!

If this sounds like you, opt for a waterproof formula of mascara which will repel the water from your eyes instead of absorbing it 

Our waterproof version of the Lithe Lash Mascara can be removed at night with our gentle, oil-based eye makeup remover 'A Clean Sweep'

Shake the bottle of A Clean Sweep well to activate the formula. Then, apply liberally to a cotton pad and gently wipe across your eyelids until all of your mascara is removed. Restore nourishment to your eye area with a good nighttime eye cream and leave to work its magic as you sleep

5. Don't Touch or Rub Your Eyes


This tip may sound a little obvious, but try not to touch or rub your eyes during the day!

The skin on your fingertips contain lots of natural oils, plus external pollutants which can break down the structure of your mascara

Often we rub at our eyes or pick at our eyelashes without even noticing, so try to be aware of your face-touching habits throughout the day. Once you're aware of how much you touch your eye area, you are better positioned to stop yourself in your tracks. You'll notice the difference in your eye makeup's longevity!

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