Get to Know Our Makeup Artist:


Get To Know Our Makeup Artist


Well known for her popular makeup tutorials for mature women, Sally is a fan favourite at Look Fabulous Forever

Here's all you need to know about her experience in the beauty industry and a little about who she is away from the camera too...

Sally has worked in the beauty industry since 1989 


As well as working as a makeup artist, she has a passion for passing her wisdom onto others by way of makeup consultations and training 


Although Sally predominantly works with mature women of a similar age (which is why she loves working with LFF so much!) Sally also goes into schools and coaches young girls of about 14 years old on how to take care of their skin from an early age

Photographed is Sally with her 3 sons and husband Nigel
Nigel (Sally's husband) and Sally do some additional work as extras (or 'support artists'), on exciting and well-known TV shows such as Holby City and The Crown. They often have to film at the small hours of the night, and sometimes in freezing conditions, but say that the work is always good fun

A highlight for Sally was her recent work alongside Olivia Coleman!

Sally is very active and loves playing tennis


She swears by our Light Look Beauty Balm for a lightweight base that offers good coverage but stays on during sport!


Pictured left is Sally with her beloved cat Pebbles, who she calls a 'dog-cat' that loves affection, attention and lots of belly rubs

She is also very musical and has been singing with her local Rock Choir for over 13 years! They perform concerts together, the proceeds for which go to various charities

Pictured here is Sally and her mum Sheila at an afternoon tea together
Sally & her mother Sheila are the perfect advert for looking fabulous at 50, 60, 70 and beyond 

Sally also makes delicious cakes from old family recipes. The LFF photoshoot team and our brand ambassadors will all remember the fantastic Austrian chocolate cake with apricot jam that Sally surprised them with. It was a recipe passed down to her from her granny!

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