Eyebrow Brush 6

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Our spoolie brush tames and grooms your eyebrows. As we age, our brows can fade, thin, become wiry, or grow in unexpected directions:

  • Helps to evenly distribute your Bring Back Brow Shape
  • Provides a professional finish
  • Made with synthetic hair

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  • First, tweeze away any unwanted hairs and shape your brows to a perfect arch: thicker on the inside and tapering down to a point at the end. (Or have them shaped professionally – worth every penny)

  • For eyebrow grooming: comb through the brows in an upward motion, then along the brow line

  • After applying Brow Shape: comb Brush 6 through the eyebrows to evenly distribute the colour               

  • Wash the brush regularly with our Brush Cleaner, allowing to dry naturally

Eyebrow Brush 6

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