A score of one would imply that you are actually quite scared of makeup and worried that it would make you look inappropriate ‘at your age’. A score in the middle would suggest that you have some competence around application, but that you tend to play it safe when it comes to choices of colour and that maybe you stick with what you know rather than experimenting. And a score of nine or ten means that you probably don’t need to read much further than this introduction!

There is a widespread misconception that older women should tone it down and play it safe when it comes to makeup.

The ‘less is more as you age’ mantra beloved of young beauty editors is an ageist trope designed to make anyone over 50 terrified of looking like some raddled old hag. It will come as no surprise to you that my mantra is ‘more is more’.

The wonderful thing about confidence in any sense of the word is that it's neither time limited nor age related. My confidence has grown with every passing year to the point where I care very little what judgements are now made of my personal presentation. I’m sure that some people think that I wear too much makeup, and there will be others who dislike my predilection for bright and vibrant lipstick colours, but neither of these judgements bother me. Other people are entitled to their opinion, but I have made a positive choice to look the way that I do and that is all that matters.

How to Become More Confident with Makeup

1 - Make friends with your mirror

I find it incredibly sad when an older woman says that she has few mirrors in her house because she so dislikes her wrinkles or crow’s feet.. I remember Janet Eliis telling me when I interviewed her that she consciously has lots of mirrors at home  “so that I have to meet myself every day.” I love that idea. It’s another way of saying that you are comfortable in your own skin. My daily makeup ritual turns my mirror from foe to friend in around 15 minutes for a total transformation from faded to fabulous.

2 - Don’t play too safe

Taking risks by experimenting with different effects becomes harder as we age. We know what we like, we get into a routine, which can also become a very deep rut. Worst example of this was a woman I did a makeover for who had worn the same lipstick every day for twenty years. And it didn’t suit her colouring! When I used a much better and more flattering alternative she couldn’t wait to wipe it off and get that back to what she knew. We get used to looking a certain way, but switching it up from time to time can reveal a new you.

3 - Make Makeup a daily habit/ritual

This is about practice and competence. The more you use makeup the better you become at creating the best effects. Makeup application is a skill which anyone can learn (I really believe this). Give yourself the best chance of success with the best lighting, mirror, tools and makeup. We can supply the perfect tools and best possible makeup formulations, so that you just need to make sure that you can really see what you are doing. Apply your makeup in the light in which it will be seen. Daylight for daytime and artificial light for evening. Bathrooms are invariably the worst location as mirrors in them are rarely well positioned. Place your mirror at eye level, and always face the light source so that there are no shadows.  Then use a magnifying mirror to apply your eye and lip makeup and to check for any product which may have smudged or migrated, especially mascara and eye shadows.

4 - Don’t let others put you off or put you down

This is so important. Husbands can be wary of any changes to the way that you look and daughters or granddaughters may also have strong opinions, especially if you suddenly appear wearing something like a much brighter lip colour. Please don’t let those close to you undermine your confidence. If you belong to Super Troopers you could test any new makeup looks on there. Just take a selfie in good light and say what feedback you would like. We have built such a brilliantly supportive community on STs, so I’m confident that you will get both honesty and kindness from the other members. If the consensus is that your new lip colour looks amazing on you, let it bolster your confidence to create a virtuous feedback loop.

5 - Confidence begets confidence

I think it's true to say that confidence often grows with age. We learn a sense of proportion. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” has been my mantra since India was born. Many of you will have had major life events which help to get everyday niggles into perspective. I take time and trouble with my appearance every single day because it lifts my mood and raises both my self esteem and self confidence. I also think that it’s a great way to combat ageism when I am out in the world. Older women are nor expected to ‘stand out in a crowd’, so when I receive a compliment (say) from a shop assistant (often on my earrings!) I say ‘thank you’ and walk a little bit taller for the rest of that day.

Makeup is an integral part of who I am, it makes me feel like the very best version of me and that boosts my confidence every single day.


We asked all our wonderful Look Fabulous Forever Ambassadors to tell why makeup is so important to their confidence. Please remember to like and leave a comment below the video as this means that more people will see it. Thank you!

I'd love to hear what helps to boost your confidence whether it's makeup or something else entirely. Leave your comments below...



Find the Makeup and Confidence video here: https://youtu.be/EdQJkSZXPzQ 

Tricia x

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