Street Style Fashion in a Pandemic
One of our most popular features for this weekly blog has been our regular Street Style Fashion feature in which we send a photographer out and about to spot and snap as many fabulously stylish older women that she can find.

Obviously in a pandemic this can no longer happen, so we decided to host a competition on our Super Trooper’s Facebook page to encourage our 3000 members to raid their wardrobes and take a photograph of themselves in an outfit in one of three categories - Colour, Smart Casual and/or Tea at the Ritz.

I vaguely thought that most would just choose their favourite category and post a single entry so it was a fantastic surprise when nearly everyone went to the considerable trouble of choosing three different ‘looks’ and entering them all in the competition. 

In the end, we had over 300 entries and the very best part was all the delightful interactions between the Super Troopers who encouraged and supported each other to have a go and join in the party. Many said that they had decided to ‘pluck up the courage’ to enter as they hate having their photograph taken, were hopeless at ‘selfies’ or ‘hadn’t got the right clothes’ - however, that notwithstanding, we had many stunning outfits in some glorious photos - as you will see below.

Happily for me I didn’t have to whittle the 300 plus photos down to the 36 that we decided we would feature here - 12 in each category. That task fell to Jospehine Lalwan of fashion blog ‘Chic at any Age’.  Josephine started her blog over 10 years ago with the intention of inspiring mature women to continue to enjoy fashion and make-up. In my view that made her the perfect person to tackle the immense task of deciding on the finalists for Colour, Casual and the Ritz and then of picking the overall winner in each category.

This is what Josephine had to say about all the photographs we sent to her:

“There were many beautiful submissions to choose from in all the categories making the decisions difficult. I felt that the final twelve outfits in each category incorporated a sense of style, fun, versatility and flattering use of colour and shape in their outfits.”

The Best Ritz Outfit - Patricia Healy

This outfit captures a sense of style with a fresh and contemporary twist. The cut, colour, fit and accessories come together to give a striking and polished look. A very appropriate outfit for tea at the Ritz.

The Best Colour Outfit - Jenny Bean

This outfit combines a playful and fun use of colour to create a lovely outfit. The beautiful Cobalt blue gives Jenny a gorgeous glow and enhances her colouring beautifully, whilst the cut and style complements her silhouette.

The Best Casual Outfit - Marieke Derrington

Marieke's outfit incorporates practical style and versatility to create this chic and casual look. The use of bold accessories and pop of colour elevates her look and makes it both timeless and stylish.

Below you can see a list of winners and runners up in each category:



WINNER - AT THE RITZ: Patricia Healy (top left)

Runners-up: Carole Barbier, Meg Warren, Caroline Mason, Jackie Edwards, Jill Burton, Joan Packard, Sue Black, Elaine Tyrie, Margaret Louyot-Smith, Brenda Evan, Jan Noble


 Jenny Bean (top left)

Runners-up: Joan Packard, Marjorie Turner, Marion Mowie, Tricia Taylor, Claire Martin, Eileen Joy, Claire Krikova, Janette Maddrell, Maria Mossop, Marilyn cameron, Mary Knight.


 Marieke Derrington (top left)

Runners-up: Vicky Grindle, Avril Jane, Caroline Hutchungs, Jill Lukin, Anna De Foe, Caroline Hill, Catherine Kidd, Jane Panton, Sue Cant, Denise Bynoe, Alison Shortread.

I do hope that you love the inspirational choices that Josephine has made and enjoy this very special Pandemic Street Style Fashion. I personally had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend looking at all the delightful photographs which were submitted hour by hour. I think that it’s fair to say that the Super Troopers are a very stylish group of fabulous women!

Tricia x