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How To Create Fuller Lips

It's easy to create the appearance of fuller lips in a few simple steps. You'll just need a defining lip liner, a lipstick, lip gloss and some highlighter.

With the help of a little cleverly placed makeup you can give yourself the illusion of fuller lips, making you appear more youthful...

Our Top Tips: 

 - Keep your lips in good hydrated condition - use Lip Balm and Exfoliate regularly

 - Start with Lip Prime to avoid your lipstick feathering into the fine lines around your mouth

 - Outline your lips with a Defining Lip Liner or a Lip Brush, then fill in the whole lip area

 - Apply a mid-tone Long Lasting Lipstick all over your lips

 - Add a dab of Gloss to the centre of your lips to make your lips appear thicker

 - Finally, add a small dab of Highlighter on your cupid's bow to create definition

See our tutorial and the makeup we used to create June's new look below...

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