Look Fabulous Forever Ambassadors

A growing community of inspirational older women who continue to lead challenging careers and pursue their dreams.
The 'invisibility cloak' that descends over women's shoulders in our fifties tends to mean that we forget that there are very many amazing and capable women who have made a really significant contribution to the lives of others in various ways.

Women's working lives are often complicated by domestic responsibilities and child care in a way that most men's are not, so I am always full of admiration for women like LFF Ambassador Lady Justice Anne Rafferty who has reached the top of the legal profession as an Appeals Court Judge despite giving birth to four girls, one of whom tragically died at 2 years of age. And LFF Ambassador Elizabeth Bessant who built a successful couture design business whilst caring for an autistic son single-handedly.

When I had the idea for our Ambassadors Programme I knew that I wanted to highlight the lives and careers of some inspirational women who have been quietly getting on with being Fabulous in their chosen field. 

Introducing the LFF Ambassadors...

Sue Gaskin

Sandra Thompson

Claire Martin

Jennifer Pek

Margaret Louyot-Smith

Marion Rapson

Helen Evans

Sue Harasyn

Annette Badland

Yvonne Vann

Tziporah Salamon

Lady Justice Anne Rafferty

Jo Good

Gillian Wheeler

Nicola Griffin

Sandra Howard

Janet Ellis

Clarissa Farr

Elizabeth Bessant