I will be driving down to France in my new sporty two-seater car. Some of you may remember my blogpost Speed Freak Granny a couple of months ago. I was debating whether I would buy (possibly my last) boy racer set of wheels or stick with the slightly more sedate Golf which I felt obliged to buy last time I changed my car in order to transport my grand-daughter to nursery school. After unanimous urging from around 400 of you, I bought the sports car! I didn't need much convincing - but it was fantastic that so many of you identified with my love of speed and fast cars!

One of the things that I notice as soon as I arrive is how wrong my makeup looks in that strong Mediterranean light. What works in London, even in what passes for summer, definitely doesn'€™t work in Provence. So this week I thought I would give you some tips on how to make an adjustment to your makeup if you are going to be in the sunshine.

My Tips for Sizzling Summer Makeup Skin Preparation.

  • As I apply a fake tan (see how below) most nights before bed, I know that I need to ensure that I have no dead skin cells sitting on the surface or any dry areas on my face. These tend to 'grab' the fake tan and make it look patchy and uneven. I start with a thorough exfoliation followed by a deep moisture mask. I then ensure that I keep my skin well exfoliated.
  • Fake Tan. I like Ambre Solaire fake tan for the face which has a pleasant smell and doesn't go a scary orange. After cleansing thoroughly, I rub the white cream into my face as evenly as I can. Then using a Q tip, I remove the product from my eyebrows and upper lip because orange eyebrows and an orange moustache is not a good look! I also remove the fake tan from around my hairline using a damp cotton wool pad so that it doesn't colour my hair.
  • Foundation. If I had perfect skin I would probably use a moisturising balm (Bobbi Brown have an excellent one). However I definitely don't have skin that can go without some coverage for my many blemishes from acne rosacea (see my video here). So I use a bronze coloured tint like Guerlain Jolie Teint and mix a small amount with my usual Continuous Cover Foundation in 02 to darken it as appropriate to match the neck and décolleté as that area starts to tan.

  • Eye Makeup. If it's sunny it's best to keep eye makeup light and summery using No Shimmer Eye Shades like Cream, Taupe, Cappuccino, Soft Olive and Soft Grey. Create a darker lash line with Charcoal, Aubergine or Forrest. The video of Louisa above shows this to perfection.
  • Brighten with Blush and Bronzer. Use a small amount of Real Radiance Blush on top of the cheekbones and then using Powder/Bronzer Brush 1, sweep a light dusting of Enduring Summer Bronze onto the face at points the sun might touch. Remember that these are doing two different things. The Blush is there to bring some definition and prettiness to your whole face, whilst the Bronzer gives a lovely golden glow. The video below of Jacquie (see her before and after picture above) also shows the effect of the Blush and Bronze very clearly.

Lip Colours. Finally I love a vibrant, strong shade of Lustrous Colour Lipstick to complete my summer face. I apply either Fuchsia or Cherry Red. With the slight colour afforded by the fake tan I really feel that this completes a makeup which can compete with that very strong sunlight. My suggestion If you are warm toned would be to choose Rosewood or Foxy Lady.

I do hope that was helpful - as always I welcome your comments and any tips of your own.

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