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Makeup is a very visual medium. By which I mean that we really need to see the potential effect of it on our faces. So it’s very helpful to see women who are a similar age to us, have a similar colouring to us and who can inspire us to try products that we can see look really good on them.

I turned to my friends for help when I was creating Look Fabulous Forever. At the time I had no idea what Facebook was, so I had no way of reaching out to like-minded women. So I called Jane and Julia, Gerry, Sue, Linda and Jutta and asked them if they’d consider being photographed wearing Look Fabulous Forever makeup. The result was our very first photoshoot for the wonderful ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos we used on our original website. And two very brave ‘old’ friends, Carol and Anne, also agreed to appear in videos to show how to apply the products. Between them those two videos alone have had over four million views on YouTube!

This success taught me that having relatable ‘real’ women to demonstrate LFF makeup was the best possible way to show how brilliantly it works on faces like ours.

Which brings me to our latest photoshoot which I wanted to share with you. When I walked into the house last Thursday to meet our six new LFF Ambassadors they already felt like old friends! All those of you who are part of the Super Trooper Community will know what I mean. There may be several thousand group members but we’ve all shared photos of our weddings, celebrated big anniversaries and been thrilled when grandchildren have been born. We’ve seen delightful gardens, photographed our favourite haunts and marvelled at the cakes we’ve been baking. There’s been collectieve sadness and support when illness or death has struck one of our number or a loved one, and been relieved if a worry has turned out not to be serious. And there’s been lots of fun via the competitions we have run, which was how we came to choose Marion, Sue, Angelique, Sandra, Claire and Caroline who entered themselves in a competition to tell us why they’d love to represent Look Fabulous Forever as Ambassadors and won it. Come and meet them:

Marion, 64, St Albans, Cool Toned


“I first came across LFF in 2016 when I tried a couple of products and was struck by the quality and how well they worked on my skin. I’ve never been very confident with makeup but the video tutorials, with women I can relate to, have been a real game changer for me. As I put on my makeup, my face comes to life which helps to make me feel better about myself in general. I was amazed to be chosen as an Ambassador! I thought there’d be so many Super Troopers who are both more glamorous than me and more likely to be chosen.

I was quite apprehensive about the photoshoot because I tend to avoid having my photograph taken, but  it was so relaxed and such a treat to have my makeup done by a professional. Big thanks to the fabulous Julia. The whole day was brilliantly organised and it was lovely to meet the other Ambassadors and a real thrill to meet Tricia. I’ve watched so many of Tricia’s videos that it was like meeting a friend I’d known for ages!”

Sue, 63, Worcestershire, Cool Toned


“I think it was around 2019 that I started using LFF makeup. I just loved that you can choose colours with complete confidence that they will suit your skin tone. I love that makeup makes me visually a better version of myself. A bright lipstick on a down day instantly lifts my spirits. They should be on prescription! You don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to see a positive difference - I’d suggest starting with just a lipstick. 

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be chosen as an Ambassador. I absolutely love the brand and am proud to be involved. The day of the photoshoot had a great buzz, everyone was so lovely and I wish I could do it all again. It was such a treat having my makeup done for the first time ever - thank you Sally. Meeting everyone really made me feel part of the team."


Angélique, 62, North East, Warm Toned


“I think that makeup celebrates the joys of getting older. I came across LFF about three years ago as part of the research I did for my book and have used the makeup ever since. I love the fact that it helps me make the most of my good features and disguise the less positive, like sunspots. I think that makeup for an older face is even more important than when we were younger. Our natural colour fades with age, so we need to enhance it. There is no age limit to beauty nor wanting to feel good about ourselves and for ourselves.

I was overwhelmed and honoured to have been chosen from all the lovely ladies on TST. In fact I was totally shocked and thought I’d misread the email! I had an absolute ball at the photoshoot and it was such a treat to be pampered by Sally. I felt as though I was among friends, probably because of all the Tricia’s Super Troopers and chats with everyone for the past 18 months. A very special day indeed!"

Sandra, 76, Lancashire, Cool Toned


"I discovered LFF and Super Troopers at the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020 and it opened a new world for me! I love that the LFF products are well suited to my older face and help me to look the best version of myself as I feel very bland without it. 

When I got the email to tell me that I’d been chosen as an Ambassador I was thrilled and excited but also somewhat bemused that they’d chosen me. On the day of the photoshoot I really enjoyed meeting Sally because I have watched her on every single Makeup Magic Monday. It was a real day to remember and I enjoyed every minute because it was so friendly and relaxed and so nice to meet Tricia and the LFF Team."


Claire, 62, Croydon, Cool Toned


"I have known about Look Fabulous Forever for some time but actually started using the products in 2020. I love that everything works so well on older skin like mine. To anyone who thinks that wearing makeup is a waste of time at our age, I’d say it makes me feel more confident, especially as I have become older. Even just wearing lipstick makes a real difference and only takes a minute to apply. 

I was surprised to be chosen as an Ambassador but felt both fortunate and really excited too. I hadn’t told many people about being a winner in the competition but the photoshoot was really good fun and we were so well looked after. I got the impression that we were all amazed to have been chosen as Ambassadors, so since then I have been telling all my friends about having my makeup done by a makeup artist and being on a professional photoshoot!"

Caroline, 75, South West London, Warm Toned


"I first discovered LFF makeup on Facebook around 2017 and maybe even before that. I was interested that it was for older skins. And it’s true - it is FABULOUS! It makes my face come alive and the products are gentle and don’t cause outbreaks etc. The range of colours complement my skin tone and they stay put well throughout the day. Look Fabulous Forever users are not shrinking sad old ladies, they are women who are full of life, verve, excitement and living life to the full regardless of their age and any troubles they might be experiencing. 

I saw being an Ambassador as a new adventure, so I was amazed and excited. The photoshoot was a brilliant experience because I was putting faces to names, having my makeup done professionally and being photographed in a professional way - watching and learning! For me it was also a wonderful escape from the realities of my life at the moment. My partner of 16 years has been in hospital for the past weeks and is now in a nursing home with severe dementia. It's been very hard, but the day of the photoshoot was a fabulous reminder of fun, work and friendship – I loved it!”


And we in the LFF Team all loved it too, as I hope you can see from these photographs. As LFF approaches its eighth anniversary I am so proud and happy that we are still celebrating and glorifying the faces of fabulous older women who are just getting on with their lives. They aren’t film stars, actresses or celebrities. They’re women like you and I who see no reason to give up on their looks as they age. They love the transformational qualities of makeup and the way that Look Fabulous Forever products are formulated to really suit their skin. A huge thank you to all six of our Ambassadors for making the day of the photoshoot so special and for reminding us all that we truly can look fabulous forever!

Take an exclusive behind the scenes look at our ambassador photoshoot in the video below: 

Tricia x

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