Bold and Bright - Style Guide 2

“Cultivating a sense of style becomes more, rather than less important the older one gets.” Discuss. 

Don’t worry, you haven’t woken up from a dream in which you are in an exam room and haven’t done any revision! It’s just something that I feel strongly and wrote about at some length in my book ‘Living the Life More Fabulous’.

As we age, fashion becomes less relevant as we stop worrying about whether the latest fad will suit us, but a sense of personal style becomes essential because it helps us to select clothes that reflect who we are and which help us to feel more confident and happier in our own skin. 

However the biggest pitfall of ‘I know what I like and what suits me’ is the great big rut that we can fall into by always playing safe.

Which is why we came up with the idea of offering four women the chance to experience a complete style makeover. Not because they lacked a sense of style, but to show them how they could look with some choices they’d not normally make for themselves. So, last month we showed Judith how fabulous she could look if she dialled up the glamour (here), and today’s Bold Brights makeover with Karen does the same with colour.

This is what Karen told us about herself:


My lifestyle

“I am 65 years old and I live in Cheshire but was born and bred in Cardiff in Wales. I still work three days a week as a Key Account Contracts Manager for a national organisation. I’d describe my lifestyle as quite hectic! Besides working, my husband and I have four children and six grandchildren between us, with the two families living at opposite ends of the country. I’m good at packing though - I seem to be packing a ‘capsule’ wardrobe to go somewhere almost every other week!”

My style

“It’s quite hard to describe my personal style. I like simple lines, smart casual with a bit of an edge. I like to look current, not because I want to look youthful but because I want to look relevant. Also what I am wearing has to be comfortable. I’m happy with my style. I know what suits me and have the confidence not to mind if others disagree. I’m not sure that my style has changed much over the years. Comfort was always a priority and I have always preferred simple, clean lines with no frills, bows or sparkle. Just classic and current with a little bit of an edge”.

My clothes

"I’m cool toned and don’t like black at all, although I am not afraid of colour because it can make or break how I look - drawn and tired or bright and full of energy. Colour affects my mood, so much so that when I am dressed in a colour that I know suits me, it makes me feel much more confident. I buy clothes from anywhere as long as they are well made and suit me. I quite like Zara for that bit of ‘edge’ I am always seeking, but without going over the top. Hush is another favourite for good quality, relaxed and simple styles. I’ve also bought some nice pieces from Seasalt, but I am selective because some of their garments are a bit frumpy.”


New additions to my wardrobe

“I feel that my criteria for buying a new addition to my wardrobe should be about a need or to fill any gaps, but I often fall down on that! My best purchases have been when I’ve seen something and instinctively known, even without trying it, that it’s ‘me’ and will look great. I’ll then get loads of wear from that item because it becomes a favourite in my wardrobe. I do love to dress up for special occasions but sadly I don’t get the chance very often. My choice for a ‘red carpet’ event would be something long with lots of movement in a beautiful colour and fabric and VERY feminine”.

My makeup

“I discovered Look Fabulous Forever about three years ago during lockdown when it was important to me to feel and look my best even though (or perhaps because) I wasn’t going out. It just gave me that important mental lift. In a word, makeup makes me feel confident. It makes me feel that I am worth looking after and being pampered in that way. It also makes me feel that I am presenting the best version of my 65 year old face to the world. I’d find it impossible to choose just one favourite LFF product, but my three must-haves would be the Smooth Like Silk Face Prime, the Light Look Beauty Balm and the Lasting Colour Lipstick (which really does last!)”


The Makeover at LFF HQ

“I had such a thoroughly enjoyable day! It was lovely to actually see where the LFF ‘magic happens’ and to meet the LFF Team in person. I already felt as if I knew Tricia and Sally having seen them so many times on YouTube & Instagram so it was almost like getting together with old friends! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, but more than that they made me feel appreciated and ‘relevant’ which I believe is something that older women don’t always feel. There were certainly no gaps in the conversation as we all had something in common – our love of makeup and clothes. 

To have my make up done by Sally, a professional makeup artist was a first for me and I absolutely loved it, but the best thing was the big reveal at the end when I got to see myself complete with makeup and styled in the clothes the LFF Team of Bryony and Amelia had chosen for me.  

The first thought was ‘wow’ is that me?’ I certainly looked very different from the ‘me’ that had arrived for the photo shoot some hours earlier and definitely in a  good way”.

What the makeover showed me

“The experience has certainly encouraged me to be more adventurous with colour, particularly with my makeup. It’s all too easy to just stick with the same look, same products, same colours, but I now realise that experimenting with makeup is fun and you never know how well a new look might suit you and, furthermore, make you feel, until you try something different”.


Watch Karen's makeover video here:

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If you want to see a step-by-step of how Sally did Karen's makeup, click this link: 

This is what our styling team chose for Judith’s makeover:

Makeup (Sally): 

All 3 Primers (Face/Lip/Eye)


Light Look Beauty Balm

Cover to Cover Concealer 1 + 2

Translucent Powder

Instant Bright Highlighter 


Peach Cream Blush


Bring Back Brow Shape Brown

Bright Blues No Shimmer Eye Shade Trio

Ocean Blue Soft Eyeliner

Sheer Brilliance Lid Colour Silver Mist

Black Waterproof Mascara


Moisturising Lip Balm

Soft Fig Lip Liner

Dusky Rose Lustrous Colour Lipstick


Clothes and Earrings (Tricia and Bryony)

Linen Suit - Pure Collection (

Earrings - Toolally (

Pink Turtle Kneck - Kettlewell (

Pink Trainers + Necklace - Zara (

Bag - Sarah Haran (


Hair Styling (Amelia)

Root Boost Spray

Dyson Airwrap for curling ends under

Curling wand for more defined curls


Can I just reiterate Karen’s last sentence to underline the whole point of these style makeovers: “You never know how well a new look might suit you and, furthermore, make you feel, until you try something different.” And that is why we decided to offer these makeovers to four different women. Not because there was anything wrong with the way they looked before. Not to make them look more youthful or to imply that they lacked style. The idea is quite simply to show them that a new approach to clothes, colours and makeup can be great fun and it can inspire you to see yourself in a whole new and exciting way.

Tricia x

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