Maybe my love of these programmes explains why I so enjoy the daily ritual of applying my makeup.

I start with my own facial challenge similar to that unloved, featureless and unpromising suburban garden. Dull, colourless and bare of interest, I stare at my reflection in the mirror and, like Alan, I can’t wait to get to work with my tools and plants (or in my case paints) to begin the transformation. Happily, this takes minutes rather than days and I can once again get on with my busy life, secure in the knowledge that I look like the very best version of me. I thought that this week I’d share with you some of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs that Super Troopers have been posting of themselves with and without their makeup, and also share the difference that each cosmetic product makes in the process of creating the satisfyingly fabulous end result.

Before Skincare:

When I get up my skin has been nourished overnight with LFF Deeply Dreamy Night Cream, so I refresh my face using a clean flannel and some warm water. As I exfoliate regularly my skin already feels nice and soft to the touch.

After Skincare:

My Hydration Hold Serum followed by Face the Day moisturiser seems to rev my skin up. After applying both products my whole face looks smoother, feels fresher and much more ready for the application of my makeup.


Super Trooper Carol's 'Before Makeup' Image


Here, makeup has enhanced Carol's lovely skin

Before Primer & Foundation:

At 73 I have a very uneven skin tone. In other words my skin isn’t the same colour all over. I also have lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth and a few across my cheeks.

After Primer & Foundation:

The Smooth Like Silk Face Prime spread evenly over my face has immediately ‘blurred’ the look of my wrinkles and made them less noticeable. It has also left a lovely silky feel so that my Continuous Cover Foundation glides on when applied with a brush and finally blended with my fingers. Skin tone is almost evened out although it still needs the help of concealer, but my whole face looks better and less ‘raw’ looking.

Before Concealer & Highlighter:

My face is starting to look loads better, but I can still see two age spots, blue patches either side of the top of my nose and underneath my eyes. My face looks a bit ‘flat’ and lacking that dewy, fresh luminous look that's so flattering after a certain age.

After Concealer & Highlighter:

I have applied the Cover to Cover Concealer by stippling the product with a brush onto all those areas that need extra coverage. After patting the creamy concealer into my skin with my fingers, I’ve topped it with a dab of translucent powder. This amazes me every time I do it - all the blemishes and discoloration have literally disappeared. After that I’ve put an arc of Instant Bright Highlighter on the top of my cheek and brow bones which has added a luminous sheen which is very flattering. My face is really starting to come to life!


Super Trooper Ginny before applying her makeup


Super Trooper Ginny after makeup - looking fabulous!

Before Blusher:

Face is now looking much, much better but lacks a nice subtle glow of health and wellbeing. I still look rather pale and maybe even a bit wan.

After Blusher:

Wow! This is a bit like planting with some strategically placed and brightly coloured plants. Suddenly the application of a sweep of Radiance Blusher has brought my whole face to life. The transformation is really happening at this point.

Before Bring Back Brow Shape:

Eyebrows are thin, short and a bit straggly looking. They lack any colour and you can’t see them very clearly.

After Bring Back Brow Shape:

That’s so much better! Brows look groomed and are now nicely shaped and are doing a good job of framing my eyes and lending balance and symmetry to my whole face.


Super Trooper Marion's 'Before Makeup' Image


Marion added colour and definition to her face with well-applied makeup!

Before Eye Makeup:

My eyes used to be my best bit. They were a nice almond shape and I had longish dark eyelashes. No more, I’m sad to say. My eyes look quite small, are rounded in shape and totally lack colour and definition and my eyelashes are sparse and quite stumpy.

After Eye Makeup:

I apply Smooth Out Eye Prime to prep the lids and reduce creasing of my eyeshadows. I also know that the primer will ‘hold’ my eye makeup for hours and stop it looking messy. I then get to work with my brushes and two or three different eye shadows - light, medium and dark -  applied to the lids, socket line and along the lash line with a small wedge brush. Final touch with two coats of black mascara and I can sit back and admire my handiwork. The difference is absolutely incredible. Suddenly my eyes look bigger, brighter and my lashes appear to be both thicker and longer.


Fresh faced Brand Ambassador Sandra


Our Very Berry lipstick lights up Sandra's face

Before Lip Makeup:

The last area which needs to be enhanced are my lips which are now very pale in their natural state . I also have lots of little lines around my mouth. At this point I am wearing really great face and eye makeup, so  my face looks very unbalanced as though the lower third has disappeared.

After Lip Makeup:

First I have dealt with those pesky by applying Never Feather Lip Primer around the edges of my lips to stop the lip colour bleeding out into them.  Finally I have applied a nice punchy lip colour to my lips. The transformation is complete. My dull, tired, colourless face has been banished and once again I feel ready to ‘face the day’, safe in the knowledge that I now look like the very best version of me. That makes me feel really happy, even if I don’t actually shed any tears of joy!

Last night I was watching The Repair Shop, another programme about repairing and restoring old and much treasured items to some of their former glory. My face may have lost much of its colour and my features may now lack definition, but I know that a few minutes spent at my mirror carefully applying my Look Fabulous Forever makeup will work its magic. How lucky we are to be able to perform that daily miracle!

Tricia x

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