Mother's Day has also got me thinking about daughters (or even grand-daughters) and their makeup and if they have anything to teach us about how to look more fabulous. No doubt like many of you, I came of age in the 1960's when we all wanted to look as different as possible from our mothers with their 'powdered noses' and their shampoo and sets. I can remember buying eye makeup from Mary Quant called things like 'Jeepers Peepers' and 'Bring on the Lash'. I also went with my friend Gerry up to London (from rural Suffolk) to get our hair cut at Leonard in Grosvenor Square. 

This was thought to be the height of fashion and we felt SO TRENDY when we came out of the salon with our sharp new geometric hairstyles.

I must admit that there are some trends in makeup amongst the young at the moment which I don't quite understand, so at the risk of sounding like a terrible old f**t I am going to list them and say what I think we can learn for our own makeup (so that we don't end up looking like terrible old f**ts!!)


Big Bold Eyebrows

I do realise that eyebrows go through cycles of width and weight on the face, but I just don't get the desire to have two enormous Groucho Marx style eyebrows on a young pretty face. However it is the height of fashion so what can we learn? That eyebrows lend the face proportion and symmetry - so if yours are too thin from over plucking when THAT was the fashion or have faded with age, then use our Brow Shape to restore subtle definition.


Heavy False Eyelashes

There's a lovely young girl who works in the same building as our office. She's very pretty and always wears very thick black false eyelashes. They aren't even pretending to be real and this is a daytime look so I wonder at her motivation. They are mesmerising when she blinks, but not in a good way! What can we learn? Eyelashes do frame our eyes and need to be defined well but with some lovely mascara which still leaves them looking fairly natural. Maybe leave the false eyelashes for special occasions - or choose lighter and more realistic options for daytime.


Face Contouring

This is another trend I find unfathomable when I see young faces with bright white areas on their foreheads and brow and cheek bones and darker orangey brown patches at the sides of the face. Maybe done by a makeup artist and skilfully blended this might add shaping to the face, done badly it just looks weird. What can we learn? Subtle highlighting on the cheeks and brow bones with a shimmery Highlighter can look fresh and add a 'dewy' look to makeup. You can also use big sweeps of Bronzer on the sides of the forehead, down the side of the face and under the jaw to create shading, but it needs to be 'barely there.'


No Makeup Makeup

This is that annoying trend where younger women create a look that says 'I have just got up and pulled on a simple t-shirt and tousled my hair and now I am ready to go' - when in fact they have spent hours applying makeup to look as though they haven't got any makeup on! What can we learn? I hate the expression 'less is more' when you are older because it implies that we must be careful not to look inappropriately 'overdone'. Who says? In fact we oldies need makeup more than our daughters, but we might not need more makeup. The important two things are colour and definition (eyes, cheeks and lips) and a unified skin tone i.e. using a good foundation.

Whacky Nails

Nail art and wearing weird and wonderful colours has developed out of acrylics and gels which can create durable surfaces for our nails. These are great fun and look amazing on young hands. Brands also know that if they declare black, dark green or purple as the latest 'must have fashion colour' that they will sell a whole load more product. What can we learn? If you want to have neon green nails then don't let me stop you! But I would say two things. One is that my older hands probably don't need that much attention being drawn to them and the continual use of some of these nail applications will severely damage your natural nail bed, so you will need to commit to the long term upkeep if you start having sessions in a nail salon.

Makeup is undoubtedly part of the fashion scene and as such is subject to continuous reinvention and change.

It was ever thus! Most of you reading this blog will remember all the major trends of the past fifty odd years. It's important not to get stuck in a makeup rut and just slap on the 'same old, same old' as you may have done for years. We can certainly learn a thing or two from our daughters - try asking them for some feedback on your own makeup - you might be surprised at what they say! However we have earned the right not to be slaves to fashion so I, for one, am not going to go for the 'Scouse Brow' any time soon!

What makeup trends do you like or loathe? I am always interested to hear from you, so do leave a comment.

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