Our 10th Birthday Stories
Lynn Brogden

As we approach our 10th Birthday, we want to celebrate by sharing a collection of extraordinary stories that showcase the profound impact our brand has had on our Ambassadors, Team, and cherished Customers.

Meet Lynn...

Meet Lynn, a vibrant and youthful 75-year-old who has become a dedicated fan of Look Fabulous Forever. Lynn lives with her husband in Poulton-le-Fylde, on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire. In her spare time, Lynn finds immense joy in gardening and potting up beautiful flowers, taking delight in sitting among her blossoms in full bloom while listening to the cheerful songs of birds. As a summer enthusiast, she finds solace in the warmth and brightness of her favorite season, while dreading the winter's rain, wind, and dark nights.


Family holds a special place in Lynn's heart, and she treasures her strong bond with her grandson. Supporting him by doing the school run and listening to him read is an absolute highlight for her, making Tuesdays her favourite days. Additionally, Lynn enjoys catching up with friends over lunch or coffee, ensuring she always makes time for her husband, with whom she shares weekly outings for relaxing lunches.

Lynn's Journey With Look Fabulous Forever...

Lynn's journey with Look Fabulous Forever began when her daughter introduced her to the brand six years ago. Searching for a solution to her lipstick bleeding, she discovered the perfect match in our Never Feather Lip Prime, and her love for Look Fabulous Forever products has only grown since then. Despite considering herself a makeup expert since she was 16, Lynn has learned so much more by watching Sally and Tricia's makeup videos and participating in the captivating Makeup Magic Mondays.


Wearing Look Fabulous Forever makeup fills Lynn with confidence and readiness to embrace each day with a radiant smile. Beyond makeup, Lynn has also found a supportive and welcoming community as part of Tricia's Super Troopers group, which was born during the lockdown. Participating in fun competitions and sharing happy and sad moments with her newfound friends has enriched Lynn's life, making her feel like she's part of a wonderful and caring family.

How have Look Fabulous Forever products or the community influenced your confidence and self-esteem?


"I think being part of the Look Fabulous community gives me confidence in the products, it feels more personal, and knowing the background of the company, I feel good to be part of it"


In what ways has Look Fabulous Forever changed your approach to beauty and makeup?


"I have always worn makeup, but Look Fabulous Forever has introduced me to other products, that I feel have enhanced my look"


Which Look Fabulous Forever product do you find the most effective or transformative?


"My favourite product is the Continuous Cover Foundation, it gives me a natural look, covers any blemishes and gives me confidence in my look"


Have you received any compliments or feedback from others since using Look Fabulous Forever products?


"Now and again I have had compliments from others, they will say “you look good”, or “your looking well”. I do take care of my appearance as well, but my makeup is what finishes the whole look"


Do you enjoy experimenting with different makeup looks?


"I never really changed my look for years, but since Look Fabulous Forever, I have experimented with different looks with eye shadow etc"


How have the Look Fabulous Forever video tutorials helped you?


"I have learnt so much from the videos and they are great to watch"


Have you recommended Look Fabulous Forever to friends or family members?


"I have recommended Look Fabulous Forever to my daughter, and to friends. My daughter has bought some of the products, and been pleased with them"


How and when did you become a Super Trooper?


"I became a Super Trooper in Lockdown 2020 when Tricia started it" 


Have you engaged with other customers or Super Troopers through the Look Fabulous Forever community?


"I love being a Super Trooper, it is a great community of lovely caring interesting ladies. I love all the interactions we have, they are like friends, even though I have never met any in person"


Anything else you would like to say about how being part of the Look Fabulous Forever community makes you feel?


"I love Look Fabulous Forever, I enjoy being part of it. Tricia is such an inspirational lady I admire her, and what she has done for Super Troopers since the lockdown is incredible. Long may it continue, and I wish her all the very best "


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