Our 10th Birthday Stories
Catherine Kidd

As we approach our 10th Birthday, we want to celebrate by sharing a collection of extraordinary stories that showcase the profound impact our brand has had on our Ambassadors, Team, and cherished Customers

Meet Catherine...

Introducing Catherine, an esteemed member of the Look Fabulous Forever community. Catherine resides in the serene landscapes of High Peak, Derbyshire. With 74 years of wisdom and grace, Catherine's journey with our brand is a captivating tale of discovery, renewal, and meaningful connections.

Catherine's Journey With Look Fabulous Forever...

Around 7 years ago, Catherine discovered Look Fabulous Forever as she stumbled upon a magazine article delving into Tricia Cusden's pro-age philosophy. The allure of products specifically designed to enhance the beauty of mature faces sparked her curiosity, prompting an initial order that marked the beginning of her journey. From the very first application of our Face PrimeConcealer, and Foundation, Catherine felt that her complexion appeared smoother and more even-toned, giving her a newfound confidence in her skin's radiance.


Over the years, Catherine's collection of Look Fabulous Forever products expanded. The Smooth the Day Face CreamFace Serum, and Beauty Balm have improved the texture of her skin, leaving it feeling smooth and nourished.

With a cool toned complexion, her go-to Lipstick shades are; Soft PlumFuchsia, and Mulberry. Catherine also discovered that our lipliners artfully addressed the lingering effects of Bell's Palsy, have become an important part of her makeup routine.

Since watching our educational YouTube tutorials and seeing her fellow Super Troopers post their fabulous makeup selfies, it has inspired Catherine to delve into the realm of eye makeup. The collective wisdom and shared experiences of our creative network has emboldened her to explore new makeup techniques, elevating her confidence and encouraging her to venture beyond her comfort zone. This shift in perspective, prompted by Look Fabulous Forever's products, empowered Catherine to see herself through a lens of positivity, celebrating her unique beauty.


Amidst the trials of a pandemic, Catherine sought solace and connection through Super Troopers, becoming a part of this supportive digital sanctuary in March 2020. Through virtual meetups, heartfelt conversations, and shared moments, Catherine discovered the profound bonds that can be forged in the on world. A h of her journey was reached when Tricia invited her to contribute to the "My Super Stylish Friend" blog, a gesture that magnified her love for fashion and accessories while strengthening her self-assuredness.

Catherine's narrative encapsulates the very essence of Look Fabulous Forever; a voyage of self-discovery, resilience, and the joyful celebration of beauty at every stage of life. Her story embodies the core of our brand's philosophy, where products and communities coalesce to uplift, inspire, and foster transformative connections. Catherine's remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of embracing one's unique beauty while finding kinship, inspiration, and warmth within a community that resonates with authenticity and shared aspirations.

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