How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Brighter With Eyeshadows

My eyes have definitely changed shape as I've got older - they are now rounder and less almond shaped than they used to be.

In this video, I show you how to use different tones of eyeshadow to improve the shape and depth of your eyes and how to stop eyeshadow from looking messy. It also includes tips for improving the appearance of hooded eyes.

Watch my brighter eye makeup tutorial for older women below...

Step 1

Apply a small amount of Smooth Out Eye Prime to the centre of the eyelid and use your fingertip to smooth onto the eyelid. This prepares the eyelid by smoothing it to ensure shadows look better.

Step 2

Using a brush, apply a light No Shimmer Eye Shade to the main part of the eyelid.

Step 3

Apply a mid-tone Eye Shade into and slightly above the socket line to open up the eye and make it look bigger. 

Step 4

Take a small wedge brush and the darkest tone Eye Shade to create a line along the top and bottom lashes. This will create the illusion of thicker eyelashes in the most flattering way. 

Step 5

Apply a coat of mascara to open up the eye and give your

lashes extra thickness and fullness to complete the look.

Shop Products To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Shop Products To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

"Flattering shades"

These eye shadows are absolutely great. I now have and use the aubergine, midnight blue, soft gray and my latest purchase the charcoal. They really do enhance the eye beautifully. They are soft in tone and blend excellently. So often with darker shades it looks as if one has been punched in the eye - but definitely not with these! Couldn't believe how lovely they look!

- Carol H

"Good pigment"

I bought the forest colour which is a very dark green. The pigment is good and deep, however, the shade is a little too dark for me as an eye colour. However, it works very well as a liner with the small angled brush.

- Deborah

"Brilliant mascara - I used the waterproof"

I purchased this mascara from the shop in Guildford. I am absolutely delighted with this product. I have tried numerous mascaras, high end low end and they all seem to clog the lashes together. This was a perfect buy. No clogging at all. I highly recommend mascara.

- Elleen