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 June Update


Congratulations to our top seller

June 2019 - Ali Smith

Ali placed 11 orders which was just over £800 of sales. Commendations must also go to Anne Hanlon for just over £625 of sales and Roselyne More with just over £400 of sales.  All received a brush set in a brush roll.


  Top Seller Reward

Ali chose No Shimmer Eye Shade in Cream, Cover to Cover Conceal in 02, Hydration Hold Face Serum and Smooth Like Silk Face Prime



Ali's Story 

In 2014 I took the plunge to leave the NHS after 30 years working as a nurse and start my own business. This leap of faith launched a whole new me on many levels including experimenting with new hobbies, styles and makeup.  Having never been a fan of exercise, other than dancing, I took up Crossfit, began coaching three mornings a week and qualified as an Olympic weightlifting instructor. 

I now try to challenge myself to do something that pushes me out of my comfort zone as much and as often as possible. That’s included taking my motorbike test, buying a camper van, touring the UK on a massive scooter, getting married this year and taking on a number of new roles. I also wanted to be a glamorous granny to my gorgeous new grandson Edward. 

I’m also an expert witness for catastrophic injury and medical negligence which means I often meet people in tragic and life changing circumstances and it has made me realise just how short, fragile and precious life is.

In my attempts to reinvent myself and wring every ounce out of the second half of my life, I discovered LFF by watching the makeup tutorials on line. I was totally hooked and reading Tricia’s blog in bed became my Sunday morning treat  I held an LFF party, which was great and then thought I would also like to do that too and so joined the LFF at Home group.







I have done a few one to one’s with people who found me via the website and that’s exciting because you meet new people. I also did a makeover for my cousin, who’s been really poorly this year, as a pamper and cheer up session for her. She was so thrilled with the result that she told all her friends and then set up two days of back to back makeovers for me to come and do! It was a baptism of fire as I did nine complete makeovers in the two days but it was a great learning experience and also very successful from a sales point of view.

I also did a party style session for my mum’s book group and basically just demonstrated and talked about all the products and then focussed on using individual ones on each lady to highlight how I best thought I could showcase the products. For example one lady desperately needed blusher and bring back brow shape to define her face. Just by adding these two products her face was transformed and she was thrilled to bits. She texted me to say she was not going to clean her eyebrows off for a week until the brow shape arrived.







I always try and ensure that people don’t feel pressured to buy but try and let the products speak for themselves. I use the words “we” and “us” a lot so I’m demonstrating that I have the same skin problems, fears, worries about how I look and using makeup as they do.  Try to pick out key points about each person that you can make positive comments about but also demonstrate how the correct application of the right makeup can enhance those points.

I love all the makeup but I think many women as they age avoid using blusher and accept that their eyebrows are gone. Or worse think they have to have eyebrows like the younger generation – what I call the Instagram face – and so don’t use anything to frame their eyes for fear of looking like that. I love bringing someone’s face to life and into focus with these two items.

Finally, in a world where we are quick to judge and where getting old is seen as something to be afraid of or railed against, I say be kind, enhance the positives and leave your client feeling fabulous. 


We welcome Sue, Jan and Helen




 It's the luck of the draw if you get an enqury but many of you are and here's Anne Hanlon's story...

I have had 4 referrals so far from LFF Near You, all very different. I found that, in most cases, the reason ladies had contacted LFF was because they wanted to see and try our cosmetics in the relative privacy of either their, or my home, rather than in the cosmetics hall of a large store (exactly Tricia’s thinking).  
Two ladies came to me initially and I visited the other two at their homes. Of the 2 I travelled to, one was a 1:1 and the other had invited 6 (!) ladies to join her. Guess which was the most successful event?  The lady to whom I was able to give undivided attention spent over £300 and was SO pleased with her look on the day and when she received her goods.
The group of 7, which was very difficult to control, probably spent less than £150 between them and I came away feeling that I hadn’t done my best job.  The remaining 2 ladies, who came to me at my home, were also very pleased with the attention I was able to give and both wrote to me afterwards saying how much they loved their products and enjoyed the day.
So, my advice would be - if someone has taken the time to contact LFF, they will appreciate the special attention that our approach allows. It was also a far more pleasant experience for me, to spend time finding out exactly what a customer wants from the day.





A Clean Sweep

If you haven't yet tried the new A Clean Sweep Eye makeup remover, may I urge you to test it out. I am extremely fussy when it comes to removing my eye makeup and have tried just about every product on the market over the years. The skin around the eyes is delicate and much thinner than elsewhere on the face and needs TLC. I must say, I have been SO impressed with A Clean Sweep that I am a complete convert. To use it effectively:

1. Shake the bottle so the oil/water layers mix.

2. Apply to a cotton wool pad

3. Hold onto closed eye for a few seconds to "loosen" eye makeup

4. Gently wipe and repeat as necessary

By holding it on the eye for a few seconds it will take off your makeup much more easily and reduce the amount of rubbing needed on such delicate skin. It may seem to take longer, but it is just as quick as it will work more effectively so the time spent wiping will be shorter.

It really does work brilliantly even on waterproof mascara and you will find your eyes feel soothed, conditioned and hydrated after using it. The key ingredients are Daisy Flower Extract, Vitamin E and Grape Leaf Extract which hydrates.

Finally, if you are doing a 1:1 or a party and your ladies are removing their old eye makeup before putting on new LFF products, make sure that you gently remove any residue of oil BEFORE they use the Eye Primer as it needs to be used on dry, oil free eyelids to work best.

If your clients love A Clean Sweep as much as I do, they will use it everyday and it will be such a good repeat seller for you so do try it yourselves and if you enjoy using it, you will be passionate about sharing it with them.


Our next advanced makeup and sales training course will be held in Wimbledon on  THURSDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 2019- please email caroline@lffhome.com for more details.





We would like to invite you to join Tricia and the LFF AT HOME team on WEDNESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER for a drink, nibbles and a catch up on the rooftop bar at  601 Queens Road (next to the office in Wimbledon) 6pm - 8pm. Please RSVP to caroline@lffhome.com


Kathy from Kathy Aay Beauty reviewed some of our products on her YouTube channel see here - you'll need a spare half hour!



Roselynne's before and after - advanced makeup training


Ali's before and after - advanced makeup training


Anne's Eileen Before and After