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Top Tips For Applying Eyeliner & Keeping It There All Day

Applying Eyeliner can be tricky, especially as we get older and our eyelids become drier and our eyes become watery. But no fear, our expert makeup artist Sally is here to give you some amazing top tips on how best to apply your eyeliner and how to keep it looking it's best all day...

Eyeliner Top Tips...

Why Does Eyeliner Smudge?

> Excess oils around the eyes are often produced as we get older, but can also be added to our skin from products such as moisturisers and eye creams

> TOP TIP - It's really important to make sure you are applying Eyeliner to clean, oil free lids. Take a cotton pad and wipe your eyelids with water before applying your eyeliner


Apply Your Eye Prime

Eye Primer is amazing for any eyeliner problems

TOP TIP - Apply only a tiny amount either with clean fingers or a small clean brush. Apply over the lid where you apply your eyeshadow, but also make sure that the primer is right down to the base of your lashes


How To Apply Your Eyeliner

TOP TIP - If your eyelid is crepey, you can gently stretch your lid to create a smooth base for application

TOP TIP - Appy your Eyeliner in soft small feather strokes instead of one thick movement. Start at the outer edge of your eye and try and go right to the base of your lashes


How To Make Your Eyeliner Last

TOP TIP - Use a Wedge Brush and an Eye Shade in a similar shade to your Eyeliner and gently trace over the liner. This will help to set the liner and keep it in place all day

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