One of the challenges of ageing is steering well clear of anything frumpy or matronly. I am sure you have photographs of your grandmother and maybe your mother and had a good laugh at the fashions of their day. I have a picture of my (beloved) granny when she must have been about 55 years old. It shows a little old lady with a large, low-slung bosom, hair in a bun and little dark rimmed round glasses. I am not sure that she has many teeth! My mum was always immaculately presented whenever she left the house. She favoured a certain formality in her dress and liked nothing better than sharp tailoring, maybe softened with a silk blouse. I can never remember her wearing trousers (let alone jeans), which I think she would have regarded as unfeminine and unsuited to her pear shaped body. Her hair was similarly rigid, set once a week via a €˜shampoo and set€™ with regular perms and her makeup was limited to €˜a powdered nose€™ some mascara and a light pink lipstick.

How lucky we are to have all the choices that we now have, but this very choice can also bring challenges. I am sure that, like me, you hate the term €˜age appropriate€™, but it seems to me that there are certain codes of dress, hair and makeup for older women if you look for them. I have been studying all the photographs that we have published in our Street Style Blogs to see if I could de-codify these and come up with any identifiable themes as a useful guide to looking fresh, fashionably stylish and (sorry) €˜age appropriate.€™

Staying up to date with your clothes. I€™d say first and foremost think €˜style€™ rather than €˜fashion€™. Few of our street stylers are dressed in the height of fashion. However they have embraced some consistent overall themes, which could be interpreted as €˜codes.€™ Here are the main ones I have noticed in our featured women throughout the 10 Street Style Blogs:

1.The most obvious is comfortable footwear! Almost without exception, our street stylers are wearing flat shoes in which they can walk without teetering, tottering or tumbling over! And what is so wonderful is that they all still look perfectly stylish.

2.Trousers are the default choice for most of the women. I wonder if this is because flat shoes and boots work best with trousers? However it€™s great to see some really jazzy trousers in the mix, so choosing to wear them doesn€™t have to mean dull and boring!

3.Brightly coloured accessories, including boots, scarves, and jewellery. Apart from high boots these are all €˜size neutral€™ so are the safest and quickest way to inject a note of individuality and panache.

4.Colourful clothes. There is quite a lot of black, grey and navy in our 300 photos, but gratifyingly there are plenty of bright coats, dresses and tops too. It€™s apparent that the days of €˜little old ladies€™ dressed head to toe in black or €˜widow€™s weeds€™ is long past!

5.Eye-catching eye-wear - whether sunglasses or specs - there are lots of examples of older street stylers choosing funky, colourful eye-wear. Again this is size neutral so if you are not stick-thin then you can still inject a quirky element into your appearance with some interesting glasses.

6.Wearing hats. There are some great hats in the selection - both for winter warmth and for summer protection and how stylish and confident the hat wearers look!

7.Getting the colour tone right. Most of our street stylers are instantly identifiable as cool or warm toned and how brilliant they look when they go for an overall effect which tones perfectly with their skin-tone.

Staying up to date with your makeup.

1.Biggest time warp problems? Bad eye make-up must top the poll! I blame the Sixties when most of us first started to wear eye make-up. Black lines round the eyes, spidery mascara, shiny eye shadows, dark colours on the eyelids, heavy eye-liner. Our street style photographs mostly show women who are wearing just the right amount of definition on their eyes without looking overdone. We have lots of great eye makeup tutorials to help you - over 50, over 60 and over 70. We can also show you how to make hooded or deepest eyes look better and also how to get your brows looking better.

2.Blusher is another way to look frumpy. Orangey powder blushers are very ageing. They are great when you are younger but on an older skin they look dry, cakey and tend to settle in any lines you have. LFF Blushers are in a cream to powder formulation so that they are quick and easy to apply, look creamy rather than cakey and can be smoothed with a brush very easily. See how in the video here.

3.And finally lipstick. Big no-nos are old-fashioned colours (any colour you have bought for years is probably wrong on you now and will likely be unfashionable) and another pet hate of mine - trying to make your lips bigger by using a solid lip liner or putting the lipstick over the natural edge. Watch our €˜Luscious Lips€™ video if you want to improve the look of your lipstick. And don€™t be afraid of a bold colour - there are some great examples of the chutzpah that a vibrant lippie brings to an outfit in our street style blogs!

And finally I find the women we feature who are over 80 are amongst the most inspirational! These prove indisputably that there is no age limit for a stylish looking woman! The only thing you need to look fabulous forever is to stay interested in how you present yourself to the outside world and enjoy looking stylish!

Which style 'codes' do you relate to the most? Leave us a comment below.