I knew when I started LFF that I wanted it to be about more than makeup (important though that is!) and the best way to express this was by writing about my life as a 60-something woman in the twenty-first century. I often think how much my mum would have loved the internet and the way it creates instantaneous connections with people worldwide. She was a frustrated writer but had no way to disseminate her ideas, views and opinions. Nowadays, like me, she would have no trouble creating content for a blog and then instantly pinging it out into cyberspace to land where it will.

There are many older women now taking advantage of this ease of communication by writing blogs about every subject under the sun.


I particularly enjoy the writing of Penny Kocher (see above) on her Frugal Fashion blog. This immensely stylish woman-on-a-tight-budget whom I met on Twitter (and now meet often for lunch) writes regular posts about rooting out wonderful fashion finds in charity shops. She's also a great hat lover and writes a 'hat attack' special every now and again. For fashion I also like Journalist Alyson Walsh who writes very authoritatively in That's Not My Age.


There are also websites which are like free online magazines, often started by enterprising women over 50. There are two I read regularly - The Woman's Room by Jane and Amanda (see Amanda above after her LFF makeover) which has daily posts about 'life and style inspiration' on a wide variety of interesting subjects from fashion, to makeup, interiors, and arty things. My other favourite is Country Wives which is written by three women, Annabel, Grace and Ellie in a down to earth, chatty, friendly style.


I first met Annabel when she hosted an LFF makeover party at her house and Grace was my 'model'. They both loved the makeup and since then Annabel as Annie T (see above) has modelled for a video tutorial and also appears in our Gallery. So this week I have asked Grace to tell us about CW:

"Getting older has been (unexpectedly) great fun since we started CountryWives in 2010."

"We are three old girlfriends - Annabel, Grace and Ellie - who lived out our (sometimes slightly wild) youth together in London; then, over time, each of us got married and moved to different counties with our families. We started CountryWives as a way of keeping in touch with each other but, after the most incredible learning curve, we have, rather surprisingly, morphed from blog to magazine and housewives to digital divas!  Over the last six years CountryWives has built up a fantastically loyal following - interestingly aged 35 and upwards - women who, like you, would prefer not to be defined by their age, but about how interested they are in life and its endless possibilities."

"We're having the time of our lives, so come and join in the fun."

"We pride ourselves on finding really interesting, useful stuff for older women. There is so much choice now, particularly on the internet, that we aim to do some of the trawling for you. From 'tried and tasted' recipes, fashion finds and style tips, to wellbeing articles, news of upcoming TV programmes, and unbiased product reviews. Recently we have covered everything from an easy way to poach an egg, the secret to looking good in everything you wear, jewel coloured suede boots, a wine aerator, and a super healthy green tea that actually tastes nice!  There is always something fresh and relevant on CW because we publish new articles every day, and there's one thing they all have in common €“ integrity. We test everything we recommend and never preach or push."

"We are also quite open about our personal lives, which makes reading it feel like being in the relaxing company of your girlfriends!"

Praise for Country Wives from Jane Gordon, Columnist and Author: "There is something really compulsive about CountryWives - for me going on to their website is like therapy. Prepare to be uplifted, informed, inspired, amused, surprised and entertained in a way that can make a dull, damp Monday morning feel like a sunny Friday afternoon."

So, if like my mum, you are a frustrated writer why not start your own blog? Using a platform like Wordpress it is super simple to get started and the outlay is also minimal. As long as you have enough content for regular posts and it's on a subject  you are passionate about, there will be a like-minded community out there waiting for your inspirational thoughts and ideas. I had very few readers when I started Look Fabulous Forever and now the blogs are mailed to 35,000 people every Sunday! Best of all is when the comments start coming in from my fabulous forever followers -  especially when they say things like "You have put into words exactly what I was thinking" and "I look forward to receiving your blogs every week."

Do tell us about any blogs you follow and any that you are thinking of starting?

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