The Top 5 Makeup Products

The Top 5 Makeup Products

That Every Mature Woman Needs 

That Every Mature Woman Needs 


With a market full of beauty products, we know that sometimes it's best to take things back to basics. So we've collated the top 5 makeup products that will make the biggest difference and enhance the natural beauty of your mature face...

1. Primer

Primers may seem like a fairly new and fairly optional addition to the makeup world, but we find them indispensible for mature skin

Mature skin is much more porous than its younger counterparts, and is therefore prone to drinking up all of your makeup within just an hour or two of application

Our Smooth Like Silk Face Prime glides over the skin and creates a smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup. Not only does this help with a flawless finish by evening out skin texture, it also prevents your skin from absorbing your makeup, enabling it to last all day

Our Smooth Out Eye Prime does a similar job for your eye makeup, and it also contains a neutral pigment to even out eyelid discolouration and allow you to get the purest pigmentation from your shadows. Our Never Feather Lip Prime seals the edges of mature lips and prevents lipstick from bleeding into fine lines around the mouth

2. Foundation 

As we get older we often develop blue patches, redness, age spots and dark circles. The best way to cover any blemishes and even out your skin tone is with a lightweight but buildable foundation

Continuous Cover Foundation contains coconut oil to moisturise and hydrate older skin as it works its magic smoothing your skintone. This is key for mature faces as a very matte foundation can make the skin appear dull and tired. Instead, opt for a dewy foundation which will leave you looking as healthy and youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside

3. Blush

A faded complexion is one of the most common complaints of the mature woman, as our collagen supply lessens with age

Reinstate your 'just did a workout' colour and glow with our Real Radiance Blush. Its cream to powder formula ensures it's fool-proof to apply. Just dab it onto areas where the sun naturally hits, using your fingertips, and then blend out with a Blusher Brush and watch it turn into a lightweight powder 

4. Mascara 

A long, lifted lash will never go out of style, and there's a reason why so many women say 'if I could only use one makeup product, it would be mascara'! The added lift to your lashes will open up your eyes and make them appear bigger, and by darkening them you add definition, too

Lithe Lash Mascara is filament free, so it won't clump or look 'clunky'. Instead of volumising, Lithe Lash is formulated to add length and colour, for mature lashes that look elegant and enhanced, without looking 'over-done'

5. Lipstick

The undisputed favourite makeup product of our founder Tricia, a good lipstick will truly light up your face. Opt for a creamy formulation that isn't totally matte, to supply your lips with dimension as well as washing them with colour

And why not throw out all the 'rules' and go for a vibrant, daring colour like Fuchsia, Cherry Red or Very Berry. We believe a strong lip colour flatters a mature face even more than it does a young one! 

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